Curriculum Overview


Religious Studies

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”
(Martin Luther King Junior)

Our Ethos
Students study Philosophy, Religion & Ethics (PRE) during the whole time they are at Stradbroke. It is an exciting and relevant subject that covers many issues and debates in the news. It raises awareness of different races and religions and it teaches our students to think more critically. It gives them the ability to argue their own point of view as well as to appreciate and respect different opinions. To achieve a high level and grade in this subject, students must be able to express their own ideas with good reasons, backing up what they think with examples or evidence.

Our schemes of work are written in line with the Suffolk Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, and provide an interesting and challenging course of study. 

Year 7
In Year 7 the students follow an introduction to the subject with a scheme called ‘Being Human’which takes a look at what makes humans different to other animals, beliefs about how the world originated and whether humans have a soul.

In term two, they will study some of the key beliefs of the Sikh religion.

In the third term they will study Christian beliefs focusing on the parables and miracles of Jesus.  They will do this by studying art about Jesus from around the world and they will create their own art work that portrays some of the beliefs they have learnt.

Year 8
In Year 8 students study the life of Muhammad with an introduction to Islam.  In the second term they will focus on the Environment and why different religious believers care for the environment.  term three will revisit some Christian beliefs and practices.

Year 9 
Year 9 is a preparation for the GCSE and all topics will lay a solid foundation for the following two years.

They will study a philosophical unit looking at the continuing debate between religion and science.

The second topic covers ethical issues relating to the right to life and includes the issues of abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering and capital punishment.

They will then study Peace and Conflict, focusing on Islam and how Islam is portrayed in the Media.  They will cover ideas such as whether it is ever right to go to war or use nuclear weapons.  They will also study some aspects of extremism and radicalisation.  

Key Stage 4

We offer Religious Studies GCSE to all students and we have 3 x 100 minute lessons per fortnight over Years 10 and 11.

The Religious Studies GCSE is an interesting and relevant AQA Course based around the study of ethical issues facing individuals and society today.  The first course has four units and builds on knowledge gained in KS4.  It focuses on the beliefs and practices of Christianity and Islam.  The second unit on studies 4 ethical themes from the Christian and Muslim perspective.  This includes 'Religion and Life', 'The Existence of God', 'Peace and Conflict' and Crime and Punishment'.   

In the GCSE, half of the marks are awarded for knowledge and understanding of the religions and themes, and half for analysis and evaluation skills.

Positive Attitudes and Results 
We are very proud of the positive attitude among students to the subject and believe this is because of the interesting and relevant issues that the students can study. They are encouraged to express their own opinions, and also critically evaluate beliefs and ideas.

We also foster close links with our local Primary schools who regularly come up to Stradbroke High School for taster lessons which have included some Philosophy Mornings for pupils in Years 4-6.  These have often been run with the help of RE Ambassadors in Years 9 or 10.

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