Reporting and Assessment

Targets and Reports

In each year of their learning journey at Stradbroke High School, students will be set an aspirational ‘Minimum Target Grade’ that they need to aim to achieve by the end of the year.

The target grade increases year on year and is based on their end of Key Stage 2 SATs score to give an indication of what the student could achieve in their GCSEs. Students will be told their end of year minimum target grade in each assessed subject at the beginning of the school year. Parents and students will also see the minimum target grade for each assessed subject when logging on to Go4Schools. In addition, subject teachers are able to set a ‘Teacher Set Target’ when they believe a student is consistently working above their minimum target grade. This grade column can also be seen on Go4Schools. If the column is blank, no teacher target has been set.

The minimum set target is not intended as a glass ceiling for students and they are encouraged to achieve beyond their target at every stage of their learning journey, but it does signal how a student is performing in each subject and whether further support might be needed.

At Key Stage 3, parents will receive information about their child’s progress at three points throughout the year.

Parents’ evening – this will give parents an opportunity to discuss their child’s progress with subject teachers.

Full report – this will include a comment from subject teachers; a table that includes the minimum target grade, the teacher set target (if one has been set) and the current grade a student is working at in each subject; an effort grade and attendance and behaviour information.

Data Capture – parents will be able to log on to Go4Schools to see the minimum target grade, the teacher set target (if one has been set) and the student’s current working grade.

In addition, at Key Stage 4, parents will also be able to log in to Go4Schools to see the mock examination result their child has achieved following calendared mock exams.


Throughout the student’s learning journey, they will be given a ‘Current Grade’ in assessed subjects by their teacher. The current grade reported by subject teachers will be determined by the skills a student has been demonstrating in their assessments and in lessons.

Grades are based on the GCSE numerical scores of 1 - 9. However, students may be awarded a W1, W2 or W3 (with W3 being the highest) to show that they are working towards a grade 1.

Key Stage 3

When students are assessed formally in each subject, they will be told what skills they have demonstrated to achieve a ‘grade’ for that piece of work. The grade is linked to a set of skills that are a reflection of the GCSE criteria.

The grade the students achieve in formal assessments and the grade subject teachers report to parents is not the grade we would expect a student to achieve in their GCSEs, but shows us that the student is working towards achieving some of the skills they will need.

Examples of Key Stage 3 assessment sheets that link a grade with a set of skills can be found in each subject information area.

Key Stage 4

Students will be assessed according to the subject’s GCSE marking criteria and the grade reported will give a clearer indication of what the student may achieve in their examinations.

The grade may fluctuate at each reporting point as it could be based on skills or topics that are being studied and may change to show that a student is stronger in a particular topic or skill, or it could be a result of the student’s current work ethic.



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