Reporting and Assessment

Reporting and Assessment

Years 7, 8 and 9

When a student enters Stradbroke High School, they are set an aspirational GCSE target grade based on their KS2 Scaled Scores. The grade given is a minimum target that they are expected to achieve at the end of the year, which will increase year on year as they near their final GCSEs in year 11. However, subject teachers are able to adjust the target grade to make it more aspirational if a student is achieving higher than their minimum target grade.

Parents will receive information about their child’s progress at three points throughout the year. This will include a parents’ evening; a full report and a data capture point that also includes an attitude to learning grade.

Years 10 and 11

The target grades set in KS4 are again based on the KS2 Scaled Scores. The target grade in year 11 is the final GCSE grade we would expect a student to achieve based on their scores.

In addition to the three reporting points, year 10 and 11 will also complete a mock examination and the grades for each subject will be published for parents.

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