Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is the provision the school makes to ensure the physical and emotional welfare of your child.

You’ll know when it works. A successful pastoral care programme means that your child is safe, happy, involved and able to perform to their potential. They are integrating well with other students and any problems are spotted and dealt with.

Pastoral care is not merely a complementary practice; it is policy and practices fully integrated throughout the teaching and learning and structural organisation of the school to effectively meet the personal, social (wellbeing) and academic needs of all our students.

At Stradbroke High School we see the relationship between school and home as integral to the academic and social wellbeing of all the students; a partnership where everyone works together for the wellbeing of our young people.

Everyone who works with our students has a responsibility for their wellbeing, but we don’t always the have the expertise necessary, that’s why relationships with external agencies such as the school nurse service, Early Help Team, Fire Liaison Officer, mental health outreach nurse and many more are also essential parts of the schools approach to pastoral care.

In the first instance, your child’s form tutor is the first port of call if you have any concerns, followed by their Head of House. These key staff along with the Deputy Headteacher will work together to access the relevant support and structure to ensure your child the backup they require.

Further information on our house system.




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