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Drama is a vital part of the curriculum as it enables pupils to develop transferable skills which will be needed in higher education, the world of work and throughout their lives.  Through various topics pupils will develop social skills, harness their creativity, develop speaking and listening skills, gain confidence and learn to work positively with others.  The aim is to foster these life skills so that pupils will develop into well rounded individuals able to make their mark on society.

Key Stage 3 Content:

Year 7 - Introduction to Drama
  • Being New
  • Mystery and Suspense
  • Mime
  • Legends and Stories
  • The Iron Woman
Year 8 - Taking Responsibility
  • Past, Present and Future
  • Jackson’s Mill
  • Community
  • Diaries
Year 9 - Trust and Persuasion
  • Interpreting Dialogue

Number of lessons per year group –  1 x 100 mins per fortnight

Key Stage 4 Content:

Exam board – Edexcel

Papers and content:
Component Percentage Assessment

Component 1: Devising


Coursework which is a devised performance from a stimulus and a portfolio evaluating the process max. 2000 words.
Portfolio 45 marks
Performance 15 marks
Total 60 marks


Component 2: Performance from text


An externally examined performance of 2 key extracts from a text.
Total 48 marks

Component 3: Theatre makers in practice


Written examination- 1hr 30 mins.

2 questions – 1 on an unseen extract from a set text (45 marks) and 1 on a live theatre production (15 marks).  Students can take notes up to 500 words into the exam for the live theatre question.

Total 60 marks.

Number of lessons per year group – Year 10 & 11: 3 x 100mins per fortnight

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