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The music department at Stradbroke is a vibrant and lively place, housed in a new suite of rooms. Students develop their skills and knowledge through performing, composing and listening. Our students make outstanding progress and enjoy music making through active participation and cooperation.

All students in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 have a one hundred minute music lesson over a two week period. They can then go on and opt to take the subject at Key Stage 4. Here, G.C.S.E students follow the OCR music specification. Results in G.C.S.E music are consistently excellent.

Students keen to learn a musical instrument at Stradbroke are encouraged to do so, and as Head of Music I am fortunate to work with a talented team of peripatetic music tutors. We offer tuition on woodwind, strings and brass, as well as guitar, voice, piano and drums. In addition, the ‘Amplifier Project’ offers students the chance to develop their composition skills. Over 25% of pupils at Stradbroke learn a musical instrument in school. This is well above the national average. 

Parents of students who wish to hire an instrument from the County Music Service can now do so online by clicking on the link below.


The department offers a wealth of extra curricular clubs and enrichment activities, which currently include a choir, brass ensemble, samba group, woodwind ensemble as well as an orchestra. In addition to a termly concert and informal performance evenings in school, we hold an annual Christmas Carol Service out in the community, visiting a different church in our catchment area each year. Students can also showcase their skills in music, drama and dance during the bi-annual full school production. Previous shows have included: 'The Sound of Music', 'Joseph', 'Shake, Ripple and Roll', 'Bugsy Malone', 'Oliver' and 'Annie' to name but a few.


Music Department Staff 

Head of Music       Mr J. Williams  BA (Hons), MEd (Cantab), LGSM, LTCL.  

Brass                      Mrs R. Ryan  GGSM, PGCE.

Drums                    Mr P. Davies

Guitar                     Mr J. Buck  LLCM (TD).

Piano/Voice            Miss C. Haward  BMus (Hons), MA.

Strings                    Mr C. Slatter  BA (Hons).

Woodwind             Mrs C. Evans  BA (Hons).

Amplifier Group    Mr M. Shepherd



At Key Stage 3, half termly modules of study allow all pupils to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to achieve their very best in performance, composition and listening/appraising. Modules include:

Year 7

Pulse and rhythm

Note lengths and keeping time (Marches and Waltzes)

Pitch and melody writing

The elements of music


Year 8 

Combining and developing melodies

Ternary form

Chords and harmony

World music: China, Indonesia and Africa.

Year 9

Blues and Rock 'n' Roll

Variation form

Music and advertising

Modal music

Film and programmatic music.


At Key Stage 4, pupils study for the OCR G.C.S.E music qualification. The relevant skills, knowledge and understanding is taught through five areas of study. These include:

AoS1- My Music

AoS2- The Concerto Through Time

AoS3- Rhythms of the World

AoS4- Film Music

AoS5- Conventions of Pop

Practical coursework consists of an 'Integrated Portfolio', where students have to complete a solo performance and create a composition in a style of their choice, and a 'Practical Component', where they have to complete an ensemble performance and create a composition based on a brief set by OCR. Listening and appraising skills are assessed by a formal written exam at the end of the two years.

 G.C.S.E Music Results (A*-C %)

2017    88%

2016    100%

2015    88%

2014    85%

2013    91%

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