Student Leadership

VOSH is the school council of Stradbroke High School.

The name and logo were created by students and chosen following a house competition.  VOSH stands for the Voice of Stradbroke High School and the purpose of the group is to give a voice to the students about all issues of school life. The motto ‘Because your voice matters’ also arose out of recent discussion with VOSH members.

VOSH meet weekly.  It is led by the Head Boy and Girl and Deputy Head Boy and Girl.  They meet together in the week to discuss the Agenda and then present this at the weekly meeting.

VOSH have raised discussion on a variety of issues such as the toilets, bins, and recycling, litter and tutor time activities. They have also shared ideas on how the Friends of Stradbroke High School could spend their money and they have been consulted on staff appointments for example hosting student panel interviews.  Minutes are taken each week by a student member and circulated to all tutor groups so that the whole school is aware of what is discussed.  Tutor groups are also regularly consulted on the topics that are discussed at the meetings.

Some members of VOSH have attended a peace conference at a local school and took part in group activities addressing how to resolve conflict.

VOSH provide a vital forum for any student to come and share their ideas and opinions on what they like or what they would like improved about their school.  All students are welcome; all tutor groups are represented and around ten percent of the school regularly attend.

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