Student Leadership

Student Leadership

We have developed a programme to encourage as many students as possible to become leaders.  This starts in Year 7 and goes all the way through to year 11.  Students can record responsibilities in their planners where they can build up leadership points.

Each year students can apply for a variety of roles including:

  • Form Captains
  • House Captains and Senior House Captains
  • Sports Captains and Senior Sports Captains
  • Learning Ambassadors and Senior Learning Ambassadors
  • Prefects and Senior Prefects

The student leadership body is led by the Head Students and their Deputies.  The Head Students are elected through a process including an application letter, student and teacher votes, evidence from their previous leadership experience and an interview with the Headteacher.

Depending on the various roles, duties can include the following:

  • Break duty
  • Litter duty
  • Recycling
  • Supporting students with reading
  • Helping organise charity events
  • Supporting staff at our annual Open Evening
  • Organising sports events and clubs
  • Liaising with the School Council and the wider student body

In addition, we have a very active Student Council.  This meets weekly at lunchtime and is again led by the senior student leaders with the Head Students setting the Agenda and chairing the meetings.  Form Captains can pass concerns to the Council and then Council members can then report back to Form Groups with the results of discussions or any action taken.  The name and logo of the School Council were chosen through a House competition as a way of ensuring that all students feel a part of the leadership process.

The School Council have been involved in suggesting how FOSH should spend the money they raise. They have also sat on interview panels for new staff and they have suggested and implemented several new initiatives to help improve the school.  These have included having more recycling facilities, organising charity events, providing free sanitary products in the girls toilets and changing the wording of the school make up policy.

All students are very welcome to attend the Council meetings either regularly or on occasions to present their ideas.

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