Our Designated Safeguarding and PREVENT Lead is: Mrs. Karen Millar

Our Desiginated Teacher for Children in Care is Ms. Steph Moss.

Our Deputy Safeguarding Leads are: Mr Andy Taylor, Ms Steph Moss and Mr Russell Thomas.

Our Safeguarding and PREVENT Governor is: Mrs. Amanda Havers.

If you have any safeguarding concerns during the school day, please contact the DSL: Karen Millar via the school office on 01379 384387.

If your concern arises out of term-time or outside of school hours, please contact Karen Millar via email which will be regularly checked ( or on phone (07384810456).  In an emergency contact Suffolk Police on 101 or Customer First on 0808 004005 or

Additional information about safeguarding can be found in the "Policies & OFSTED" section of the website.

Momo - advice for parents

You may be aware of something called the ‘Momo Challenge’. It has been around for some time but has recently resurfaced. A violent graphic image reportedly appears on a number of different Apps, including Facebook, What’s App and You Tube, asking users to participate in dangerous challenges such as self-harm or worse.

There has recently been a significant amount of media coverage on this so many of you may already be fully aware of it and the potential risks associated with it. Momo is essentially a hoax, but it has been sensationalised by the media and continues to be a concern. Naturally, some children are going to be frightened by what they see online and we need to be able to reassure them and provide support for them. 

The advice, therefore, is the same as for all other interactions with the internet.  Never allow your child to watch Youtube unaccompanied, and ensure that you are regularly checking their social media contacts.  Children should not have any social media contacts with people you do not personally know.  If you would like any further advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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