Friends of Stradbroke High (FOSH)


Introducing the FOSH Committee:

  • Chair          Carla Ward, parent
  • Vice chair   Sam Mosse, parent
  • Secretary   Rebecca Colling-Blackman & Helen Sanders, parents
  • Treasurer   Edward Hanlon, parent
  • Uniform Shop Helen Whitfield, parent

When your child starts at Stradbroke High School, you automatically become a member of the school's Friends Association. A committee of volunteers runs it voted in by the members (that's you), and while they have responsibility for managing the association, the more members that take an active role, the better.

There are loads of reasons you might want to get involved:

Have fun and get to know other parents.

Events run by the Friends are fun. Whether it's the Prom for the Year 11 pupils, a seasonal Fair or a quiz night, they are great for bringing the school together as a community. Teachers, parents and pupils alike get stuck in and enjoy themselves.

Understand how the school works.

Being part of the Friends helps parents to understand how things in the school work. If the teachers are well supported by Friends, you'll soon realise how much they value the association brings to the school.

Help the school be even better.

Do you want your child's school to continue to be brilliant? The children's experiences at school include what's run (and paid for) by the Friends Association. 

Be a good role model.

There's a lot of evidence to suggest that when parents are engaged in school, a child's attainment is improved. Being involved in school shows that you think it's important, could there be a more compelling reason to get involved?


For more information about FoSH, your committee, the second-hand uniform school and future fundraising events visit our Facebook page or email us for more details

Best regards,

FOSH Committee.

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