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Careers SLT Leader, Mrs. S. Seeman -

Careers Advisor, Mrs Kate Wild -

An Independent Guidance Professional, Mrs Kate Wild works with Stradbroke High School to provide our students with independent and impartial careers guidance. The school works in partnership with Mrs Wild to benefit all our students by providing high quality CEIAG and support them on their journey to an active and meaningful working life. This includes working closely with employers and providers to ensure that students are well informed about the local job market, different progression routes into further and higher education, including technical education and apprenticeships. CEIAG is integrated into our students’ experience of the whole curriculum, promoting equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion, with the students’ best interests at the heart of all that we do. 
The careers advisor is in school once per week, helping students to explore the range of opportunities available to them. Working across years 8 – 11, they provide bespoke support and programmes to prepare students at different transition points, including GCSE options and moving beyond year 11. They have excellent links with business, further education and higher education providers. Delivering excellent CEIAG is a priority throughout the school, ensuring that every student can reach their potential. Kate welcomes any questions from parents and carers and regularly attends parents’ evenings. 

Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance are all embedded into the curriculum throughout the school.

There is an element of careers education written into the PD Schemes of Work.

For years 7 & 8, this is partly the development of teamwork, problem solving, leadership, presentation  - all key aspects of employability.

In Year 9, a more structured approach is included in the programme in preparation for the option process, which for many is the first stage of a career decision.

Specifically they are:

a)      A sequence of Assemblies  - about the possible routes forward

b)      Provision of specific information about the Apprenticeship opportunities in Assembly and via booklets/leaflets

c)      Introduction to websites which have large banks of easily accessible resources that allow pupils to browse independently and research their ideas.

d)      An Options Evening is arranged so that parents and carers are involved in the decision making process

e)      All pupils are interviewed before making their final option decisions to make sure that they are appropriate and aspirational


In Year 10 and 11, specific sessions are delivered to give more detailed information about the pupils' career options, usually via PSHE sessions but also in Assemblies and Tutor time.

Every student is interviewed by the careers advisor on a one-to-one basis initially in year 10, then regularly in year 11.

They are also encouraged to visit the local Post-16 providers on their taster days.

Trips are regularly arranged to other institutions such as Cambridge University, Essex University and the University of Suffolk. Even though this is early for university application we believe that those considering higher education should ’aim high’ particularly if a university education is not part of the family background.

Bespoke visits to local providers can be arranged to enable students to see first hand the courses and the different methods of teaching and learning available post-16.

We also invite providers to the school to speak about vocational and technical qualifications and apprenticeships. A number of events are integrated into the careers programme, which offer providers the opportunity to attend Careers Fairs, careers and enterprise days and careers related activities. Providers can also approach the school to request access – see Statement of Intent below (Baker Clause).




Currently Work Experience takes place during the last week of the summer term in Year 10. This week is chosen to avoid all exams and is the least disruptive to the students studies.

Pupils are assisted in finding their own placements. Once the placement is secured the paperwork is completed by SHS staff.

The school prides itself with the care taken to find each pupil a meaningful placement and although this cannot be seen as a career decision it can certainly help clarify the pupil’s ideas about future career paths.



Labour market information (LMI) including job roles, pay and vacancies is useful information to explore trends and what different sectors might look like in the future. This equips students to understand the potential opportunities and challenges within each industry and begin preparing for the world of work. LMI can broaden horizons and promote social mobility by helping students to identify careers with good prospects that they may not have considered. The widgets below can be used to explore LMI in our area further.



The extremely high percentage of students who move on at post-16 to further education and training is testament to the high quality careers information provided in school. At KS3, students can speak confidently about their ideas for future careers.  

Career Path Advice from JobHero

Here is a link to the New Anglia Careers Hub padlet which contains lots of links and information about work experience, higher education, apprenticeships, work encounters, gap years and much more!


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