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Enhanced Learning

Enhanced learning is an individually designed curriculum catering for the needs of individual students. Throughout Key Stage 3, the enhanced learning curriculum focuses on supporting English, maths, science and French. At Key Stage 4, enhanced learning can be selected as an option, following a consultation with the SENCo, to meet the needs of the student. At this stage, the focus is placed on preparation for adulthood as well as continuing to shadow the English, maths and science curriculum. 

Reason for sequencing the curriculum for every year group in the way it is, and the subject specific/pedagogical approach taken:

Enhanced Learning is a chance to enrich learning for all pupils. It provides pupils with the opportunity to improve, embed and elevate their education. 

The aim of enhanced learning is to ensure that every child develops their full potential, both academically and personally. Enhanced learning focuses on developing independent skills, inspire learning within pupils and widen pupils’ intellectual experiences. This is done through regular collaboration and co-production with French, English, maths and science departments. Collaboration leads to an enhanced individual curriculum. 

Within each subject area, pupils will follow and be led by their subject, but enhanced learning provides an additional opportunity to embed the skills being taught within each curriculum area.

Throughout year 7, 8 and 9 fundamental skills will be taught, practised, and revisited in order to develop pupils' understanding to support the GCSE curriculum in years 10 and 11.

In addition, within year 10 and 11 pupils are given the opportunity to experience and develop skills that are needed as they enter further educational settings and adult hood; equipping them with skills for life. These will be based around: transport, finance, current affairs, communication, world of work and independence.

Within every academic year, pupils will be tested formatively throughout the term and summative at the end of the term. This will provide key evidence for each pupil and a greater understanding as to where their learning needs to be tailored.

Each pupil has an aspiration to achieve – enhanced learning offers the pupils the skills needed to do so with increasing independence -setting them up for life.

How we build on prior learning:

The knowledge that students arrive with from primary schools can be variable and pupils are often missing key skills, have misconceptions or there are gaps in their learning. Therefore, we will test pupils on their reading, spelling and maths and French skills. These results are then used along with prior SATs results to inform and individually tailor each pupil's enhanced learning education. All students will complete an assessment at the end of each half term to test what skills need further development. This will help us to constantly create tailored activities that are suitably challenging for the pupils. 


How we prepare students for the future:

Enhanced learning builds upon the key skills and curriculum found within the school. It allows pupils to ‘enhance their learning’ - quite literally.

These fundamental skills will then be carried through for whichever pathway they choose in the future. Giving them English, numeracy and life skills for life! 

Within key skills there is the opportunity to learn about transport, current affairs and communication - all of which are preparing the pupils for their future as an adult.

Additional provision to support learning:

  • Lunchtime clubs to support additional and home learning

  • Revision clubs for GCSE students

  • Trips and visits that students may not usually have access to



Enhanced Learning Curriculum Map

Enhanced Learning - Learning Journey

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