Mrs Millar's Blog October 2020

Posted on 21st Oct 2020

As we approach the October half term holiday, there is much to reflect upon. It has been a long hard term so far and everyone deserves a well-earned break next week. It is a chance to recharge our physical as well as emotional reserves, ready to face the challenges of winter.

I have been incredibly proud of the way the school community has pulled together during these difficult times. The students have adapted to the new rules and ways of doing things, showing incredible resilience. The staff have been amazing, ensuring the quality of the education we provide has not been impacted by the changes we have had to implement. One of the very few external visitors we have had in school commented on how calm and purposeful the school felt, which is testament to everyone, so thank you.

Next Saturday we will be setting the clocks back an hour and summertime officially ends, though I must admit it has not felt much like summer in recent weeks! Unfortunately, the dark nights can lead to an increase in road traffic collisions and sadly some of these involve young people, both as pedestrians and cyclists. Those under 16 are one of the most vulnerable groups of road users.

Please ensure road safety is discussed at home and the following simple advice is emphasised:

  • Take care crossing the road, look both ways, put away mobile phones and remove headphones while crossing
  • Wear brighter colored clothes when walking or cycling
  • Wear a helmet and have good lights on a bike
  • Use pavements, but if there is not one, walk towards oncoming traffic in single file

The online world remains incredibly important to young people. They rely on it in a way that often, we as adults, cannot relate to, as we did not have the same technology growing up. As amazing as the internet is, there are risks associated with the online world and it is as important that you safeguard your child online as you would in the ‘real’ world. Make sure you know what social media platforms they are using, check their settings are ‘private’ and talk with them openly about what they are accessing and how to keep themselves safe. We are here to help if you have any questions.

After half term I am looking forward to our modified awards ceremonies. The students worked incredibly hard last year, and their effort and achievements deserve to be recognised and celebrated, even if it has to be in a modified way.

Year 11 will have their mock examinations in the usual way towards the end of November, but like year 9, their parents’ evening will have to be modified. We will write with more information about this nearer the time. Whilst year 11 deserve a break next week, I would also encourage you all to complete some revision in preparation for your mocks. These mocks are so important as we just do not know what the national picture will be nearer to the exams next summer.

Life is always full of challenges but at the moment the challenges are greater than ever. It is important we all work together and support one another to get through. As a school, we are here for all our students and families. If we can help, please get in touch.

I wish everyone a good half term break and remember, together we will get through this.

Very best wishes

Mrs Millar

Written by Mrs Millar
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