Mrs Millar's Blog January 2020

Posted on 6th Jan 2020

The Christmas holidays and New Year celebrations already feel like a distant memory. January is always a time for fresh starts and often we make resolutions that so quickly are forgotten or broken. We started the year with a reminder about our expectations of the students and asking them to reflect on whether they had given their all and achieved their full potential last term or whether they needed to make some changes.

We are also using assemblies this half term to focus on mental health and wellbeing. We have been lucky enough to secure a fully funded assembly provided by the Anna Freud Charity, which we are very excited about.

Year 11 have been doing some additional follow up mocks this past week, but soon enough they will be completing the real thing. Early revision is vital to their success and having an agreed timetable of work to complete at home is helpful in ensuring this happens. Heads of House would be more than happy to work with any student or family who would like support in creating a revision timetable. Please do contact Ms Moss, Mr Taylor or Miss Ling if you would like support with this. Short periods of revision, no more 30-40minutes at a time are shown to be most effective. Equally important, is sleep, so please encourage them to get to bed before 10pm and make sure electronic devises are switched off.

On Monday 27th January we will come together as a whole school for assembly to remember and reflect on the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp 75 years ago. We never stop learning throughout our lives, but equally, we need to learn from the past, so the same mistakes are not made again.

Some of our year 11 have just returned from a trip to London to the Tate Britain and Churchill War Rooms with Mrs Spence. This was a unique opportunity linked to both English and History. Their feedback on the day was really positive. We have a group of Year 10 about to attend a University trip on 29th January. We want to open our students’ eyes to the opportunities available to them as well as ensuring they understand hard work can lead to a more exciting future.

For year 8, a reminder it is Parents’ Evening on Wednesday 5th February. Students have been given their appointment sheets and we would appreciate parents ensuring they make the appointments with their teachers.

Please remember we finish school for half term on Friday 14th February, with students returning on Monday 24th February.

Written by Mrs Millar
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