Mrs Millar's Blog July 2022

Posted on 15th Jul 2022

As we approach the summer holidays we are, as always, hopeful of the good weather continuing!

It has been another challenging yet busy year, with so much achieved in difficult circumstance by the whole school community.

Late in June we said goodbye to year 11, wishing them all the best for their future, as they move onto new and exciting opportunities. After so much uncertainty and worry, I was so proud of how they coped with the pressure of the examinations. We look forward to their results being issued on 25th August.

Sports day was hotly contested as always, with Blyth victorious for the first time. Well done to everyone who took part. There were some amazing performances, including a number of school records. The support and encouragement shown for all the competitors was heartwarming and showed the students at their very best.

Our first summer term music concert in three years was delightful. Seeing students from year 7 – 11 perform in front of their family and friends, with such musical skill and passion on display, was fantastic.

I was delighted to attend our end of year House award assemblies and our inaugural merit winner’s tea party with families. I enjoy celebrating the successes of our students and recognising those who have worked and tried so hard across the year.

It was exciting to welcome the new year 7 for their intake day and to see so many of them and their parents in the evening. I know the current students will make them feel very welcome when we return in September.

I know the students are looking forward to the end of term activities day, with the vast majority heading to Pleasurewood Hills. Year 10 are also out completing their Duke of Edinburgh Award Bronze Expedition, in hopefully not quite as hot weather as they experienced on their practice!

The summer sees an increased number of young people out on the local roads on bicycles, it also however sees an increase in motorbikes and cars. Please encourage your child to wear a helmet and bright clothing when out and about. They should also avoid listening to music through headphones as this can prevent them being aware of traffic around them and increases the risk of an accident.

We have a number of local rivers that can seem attractive on hot days as a means to cool off, but they also potentially pose a risk. Please talk with your child about not swimming in areas clearly signed as out of bounds or dangerous such as quarries, tidal rivers and reservoirs, the signs are there for a reason.

The summer can also be a great time to meet up with and make new friends. Unfortunately, we live in a world where “relationships” are formed online very easily, often with no prior knowledge of who is communicating with us. It is far too easy to arrange to meet up with so called friends and get drawn into dangerous or unsuitable activities. Please make sure you regularly check your child’s online accounts and know who they are communicating with. Also, don’t be afraid to talk with them about the dangers the world presents, if we have taboo subjects, we don’t help prepare them to cope should something go wrong.

We are also sad to say goodbye to a number of colleagues, but we wish them well for their own new adventures; Mrs Elliott, Mrs Simmonds-Mead, Miss di Prata, Dr Giles and Mr Gray. We are grateful for all they have done in their time at Stradbroke.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support with your child across the academic year. Teenagers are not always easy, but by working together we help to ensure they are well rounded young people.

If you manage to have a break this summer, I hope your plans go smoothly and you have a good time. I look forward to welcoming the students back on Monday 5th September, well rested and ready to resume learning.

Mrs Millar


Written by Mrs Millar
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