Head's Blog July 2018

Posted on 1st Jul 2018

As we rapidly approach the end of this term, and this academic year, school life continues to be busy. GCSE exams have come to an end for Year Eleven and we are eagerly looking forward to Result Day on 23rd August.


Our Year Ten students have also finished their mock exams, and are keenly anticipating their work experience. This is an excellent way to finish the school year, learning work-related skills and being able to make a contribution to a local business. I would like to thank all of the local businesses who always support our students in such a positive and worthwhile way. Good luck to Year Ten, you will, I am sure, make a really good impression in your workplaces.


Very recently we held a very successful and enjoyable Summer Concert. Several of our guests commented very favourably upon the quality of the singing and musicianship. It was especially pleasing to see some younger talent being showcased along with more seasoned performers, this shows that we can expect many more evenings of high quality music in the future. Many thanks to Mr Williams for his inspiring leadership of music at school.


On the last school day in June the weather was very kind to us as we enjoyed an excellent Sports Day. It was lovely to see so many spectators come along to witness the sporting excellence on display. It was a highly competitive day and the sprectators were treated to a number of new school records being set. My favourite event is the mile, in which every student completes four full circuits of the track, some walking but many running. During the whole day the competition was fierce, and the spirit of sportsmanship was outstanding. The overall winning house was Dove, but congratulations to all competitors, and to the PE staff for organising such a great day.


The final two days of term will see students heading for Europe, as Year Seven go to France and Years Eight and Nine go to the First World War battlefields. Trips abroad are an excellent way to widen students’ experiences, and I am sure that they will all gain a lot from these opportunities. Those students staying in school for these days will enjoy a wide range of activities. Very many thanks to all the staff who are providing all of these exciting opportunities for students at the end of this busy term.


At the end of a school year we often have to say goodbye to staff, and this year is no exception. Mr Innes and Mrs Bonnett have been working within the science and maths departments, and leave us with our thanks. Mr Hopkins, has been with us as a TA and librarian, and leaves us to begin a teacher-training course. Mrs Totten is also leaving us after three years of inspiring work as our art teacher. Finally, Mrs Crawley is moving on after nineteen years’ outstanding service to the students of this school. We wish them all the very best for the future and thank them all for their hard work and commitment to our students. I will introduce new staff to you in my next blog.


I would like to end this final blog of the school year with a heartfelt thanks to all the staff here at school for making this such an exciting place for young people to learn and for providing so many opportunities. Our students are incredibly lucky to have such a committed group of staff who ensure that this is a school in which everyone can thrive.

Written by Mr Axtell
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