Curriculum Overview



"Geography is everywhere, so everyone should know about it" and this is the philosophy that underpins Geography teaching at Stradbroke High School.

The Geography department aims to ensure that all pupils develop an understanding of the world around them through a broad and exciting curriculum that teaches core knowledge and asks searching questions about world issues and events. A range of new and exciting topics are being taught with new opportunities to experience geography in the field.

During key stage 3, pupils will experience both human and physical geography topics and teaching will follow this broad pattern:

Year 7 

Autumn Term: Map Skills.

Spring Term: Contrasting Countries (The UK and Brazil).

Summer Term: Weather and Climate.

Year 8 

Autumn Term: 'Our wild world' - natural disasters.

Spring Term: "Is our world getting smaller?" - development and globalisation.

Summer Term: "how do animals cope where humans can't?" - a study of ecosystems in extreme environments.

Year 9
Autumn Term: "Why do people move around?" - Population and Migration.

Spring Term: "How does nature shape our world?" - rivers and coasts.

Summer Term: "What impact do our holidays have?" - Tourism around the world.

Year 10 & Year 11

At Key Stage 4, pupils study the brand new "Eduqas B" from the WJEC exam board. Many other schools in Suffolk study the course and we believe that its approach allows all pupils at Stradbroke to achieve their potential. The course is assessed by three exams:

Investigating Geographical Issues (40%)

Problem-Solving Geography (30%)

Applied Fieldwork Enquiry (30%)

Coursework/Controlled Assessment is no longer required although we do undertake two fieldwork expeditions. These vary from year to year but will focus on both human and physical themes as specified for the applied fieldwork enquiry paper. Our most recent visit was in July 2017 when we studied the impact that coastal defences have had on the beach at Southwold.

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