Curriculum Overview



Here at Stradbroke our aim is to provide all pupils with a broad awareness of scientific issues that will affect their lives both now and in the future, while at the same time ensuring that they leave with the highest possible grades in science to equip them for their careers. We therefore now offer a range of qualifications, designed to enable more academic pupils to progress easily to all A level sciences, while allowing all other pupils to achieve two science grades at GCSE.

In years 7 and 8 our aim is to give all pupils a broad foundation of all areas of science, including a scientific processes, using evidence to support conclusions. There is an emphasis on practical work which ensures pupils learn the skills they need for coursework later on. All pupils follow the same in-house schemes of work.

Year 7 units: Safety, Acids and Alkalis, Simple Chemical Reactions, Energy & Electricity. Cells & Reproduction, Particles, Heating Particles and The World Around Us.

Year 8 Units: Fossil Detectives, Party Time, Science of Sport, A&E, DNA Detectives and Faster, Higher, Stronger.

In year 9 all students begin their GCSE course. They have six lessons a fortnight, two in Biology, two in Chemistry and two in Physics.  Approximately a third of the students follow the Edexcel separate science courses, providing them with 3 GCSEs (‘Triple Science’) and the rest of the cohort follow the GCSE Combined Science syllabus, providing them with 2 science GCSEs (grades 9-1). These pupils still have the opportunity to move to the triple science course should it be appropriate and are also still able to access A level sciences if they wish to do so.

We also offer Entry Level and Pre-Entry level courses for those students who are not yet able to access the content and assessments of the GCSE course.

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