On the 19th of March a group of year 9's visited a Mosque in Norwich.  It was everyone's first visit to a Mosque, (including Mrs Hurren and Mrs Baldwin).  We found out that the Norwich Mosque is the oldest one in the UK.  

We met a Muslim who talked to us about his religion and afterwards, we all asked lots of questions about his beliefs for example questions about homosexuality, terrorism, equality for women, and praying.  We then met some women who were visiting here from Morocco and Spain to learn Arabic.  We listened to them reciting the Qur'an which was really impressive!

We saw where they would wash before praying and where they put their shoes when entering the Mosque.  We thought the Mosque seemed very relaxed yet very busy and meeting there was obviously an everyday activity for most Muslims.  Their religion seemed an important part of the community because they pray together five times each day and share meals at the Mosque.  We were also shown some Qur'an's and our guide Momodou explained to us how the Qur'an is respected and how all Muslims learn to read the Qur'an in Arabic and recite it together.

James said:  'It was more like a home than a religious place'.

Mia thought: 'Everyone there seemed and acted like a family!  It was nice to hear another person's point of view.'

Connor said, 'It was really friendly because we could ask whatever we wanted.'

Callie reflected: 'They were very open and honest about what they believed.'

A quote from Jamie:  'There was a close community spirit where everyone knew each other.'

'Although their religious rules were quite strict, they accepted others,' Isabelle said.

Mrs Hurren summed up, 'We were made to feel very welcome and it was great to meet someone from another religion and find out more about their beliefs, customs and place of worship.'

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