Year 9 PSHE morning with the band Boycode

This term we held a PSHE morning with Year 9 where they spent time looking at future careers.  First of all they had a competition to think of as many jobs as possible.  They then had to colour code the jobs to show how interesting they thought they might be.  They worked in groups to research possible jobs and then put together a presentation on why they thought the job or career would be interesting.    

As part of the event, Years 7, 8 and 9 were able to experience the music of a new boy band Boycode who were visiting from Belgium.  Arwen Maguire and Lily Cossey wrote this report on the band:

"Boycode are an amazing boy band from Belgium who have five singles and have been in the Belgium charts.  On the 12th October, they came to sing at Stradbroke after touring around China, Belgium and the UK.  They were enthusiastic as they got everyone involved with the performance. 

As well as entertaining us with singing, they also talked to us about discrimination and how to stay safe on social media.  The talk was very interesting as they told us how important it is to ensure that we get the best out of social media.  They asked us what we could do to prevent malicious comments on websites like YouTube and also how to keep our profiles safe.

Gregory, Timmy, Mattias and Lennert are all very talented musicians and we hope they can come and visit again."

More quotes from our students:  "Boycode were brilliant because they were up to date with trends and spoke really good English."  "They were fantastic."  "They blew my mind because they were so good!"


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