Year 9 build wind turbines to generate electricity during STEM Day

Today, with help from the Smallpeice Trust (spelt correctly-honest!) year 9 pupils enhanced their understanding of problem solving, creativity, design and engineering. Working together in small groups they were teams of engineers working on an island facing drought. They had to create a wind turbine, with a tower, turbine and gearing system connected to a generator to produce electricity. The winning team was the one which built the turbine which when tested with a voltmeter produced the most electricity.

As well as this, the groups created a water collection tank and wired up a pumping system with pipes coming off the pump to direct water to the 'village'.

All the kit they used was costed and the amount spent was also a deciding factor about the winning team. 

The pupils were very keen to do they best they could, even coming in during lunchtime to tweak designs in order to allow their turbine to produce the most electricity.  

Using resilience in the face of some mistakes and unplanned outcomes, pupils commented that they enjoyed working out how to  generate the electricity then how to generate more and more by adapting their wind turbine designs.

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