Year 9 and 10 Trip to St Catharine's College, Cambridge

On Thursday 25th February 34 students from Year 9 and 10 went to St Catharine's College, Cambridge University.  

We arrived early and had a walk along the back of the river and saw some of the colleges and the river.

Trinity, Kings, Queens and St Catharine's looked stunning in the sunshine.

When we arrived we had an in-depth talk about life at Cambridge, what to look for when applying to a university, what subjects to think about taking and the different types of universities, for example, collegiate, campus or town. 

We had a tour from one of the undergraduate students which included looking into a small bedroom and in the beautiful chapel in the college grounds.  We also went down stairs into the bar which had been refurbished and was somewhere that students could sit and work in the day and socialise at night.

We were given lunch in the main hall and then were able to take part in a question and answer session with the guide and another student.

This was a great occasion to experience a taste of what living at a Cambridge College might be like.

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