Multicultural Day

 Last term I was fortunate enough to be able to take a minibus of Year Seven pupils to Norwich to experience a Multicultural Day, meeting a range of people from different religions and cultures.  Our pupils were fantastic, taking part in everything on offer, and they all thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Here is a report from two of our students.

Mrs Hurren

 On Friday 6th December, Year 7 PRE students attended a gifted and talented day at the City of Norwich High School.  The Year 7s of our school and other high schools around the County were able to gain knowledge on different cultures and religions. The day was set as a timetable so all the different schools knew what activities they were going to take part in.

 We were sent to our first location of the day:  the dinner hall.  Here we learnt about Judaism and how it compared to Christianity or other beliefs.  Learning how to write your name in Hebrew was a challenge as the language is written and read from right to left and vowels are made up from dots and lines underneath the main letters.  This little section also included a dance that is performed usually at weddings.  We were also told about the Jewish holiday called Hanukkah.  Jews celebrate this to remind them about the event that happened thousands of years ago when the Jews were used as slaves.  Hanukkah is like Christmas for Jews as they don’t believe in the Christian meaning of Christmas.  We asked lots of questions and they were kindly answered.

 We were then taken to a Buddhism section.  We learnt that Buddhism was mainly about relaxation.  All of us learnt the basic storyline of Buddha’s life and how he saw the world.  From this section we learnt that Buddhists are humble people and think it is right to invite everyone, even your enemies, to any parties you hold.  Buddhists like to meditate; we were told how to do this so we don’t fall into any nasty habits.

 African dancing was the favourite activity because many smiles were on faces as we all tried African moves to the rhythm of percussion instruments.  We were taught how to dance African style by fun and friendly mentors.

 By the time we got to the last part of our ‘journey’, we were fairly tired from moving around the site all day and were delighted to hear ancient African stories to relax us. Acting was involved for everyone to enjoy.

 This day was a great experience for me and everyone else.  We all reached our targets to gain knowledge so we would understand how the people around us believe and live.

 By Lee Chilvers and Calvin Lintott

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