Year 6 Philosophy Morning 17th March 2016

Year 6 Philosophy Morning

Thursday 17th March 2016


Twenty Seven Year 6 students from a large number of primary schools came up to Stradbroke High School for a Philosophy morning today and had a great time.  We participated in lots of fun activities such as answering ‘What if …?’ questions, modelling an object to represent a religious or philosophical idea, and answered many ultimate questions, for example ‘Is there a God?’ ‘Are all babies born good?’ and ‘Can animals feel guilty?’


Mrs Hurren was joined by seven Year 8 pupils who helped organise the activities and generate some discussion and questions.  They really enjoyed working with some younger pupils and taking time out of the usual routine.

We started off asking some ‘What if …’ questions.  Some pupils also thought of their own questions such as:


“What if there was another world that we haven’t explored yet”

“What if there was no darkness at night”


“What if all animals became extinct”


“What if everyone worshipped the same religion”.


“What if there was a thought bubble above your head and everyone could see your thoughts!”

We passed round an object symbolising Mary and Jesus and they had guess what it was.  They again had some excellent ideas!  Some people thought it was a dove, others thought it was related to peace, someone thought the colour white was related to thinking.  Someone else said it could be a symbol of all of the religions put together.


We then tried to create our own symbols using some modelling putty.  The class had to guess what each object was. 


Some of the creations were:  a bird to represent freedom, chains to show being connected together, someone made a bowl filled with pieces representing all of the religions together and another pupil made a shape to symbolise reconciliation.

Here are some final comments from the pupils:

“I enjoyed the morning because it is different to what we usually do – it’s good to think about things”.


“It’s amazing”.


“I enjoy coming to these mornings, it makes me excited about coming to High School”.


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