On Monday 29th September, six year 9 students represented Stradbroke High School Gifted & Talented in Philosophy and Ethics.

27 year 6's from different schools in the pyramid attended to test their Philosophy minds.


During the two hours we had, we completed five activities including; 'Would you rather?' which involved rolling dice and answering difficult questions; 'getting to know each other', an activity involving every year 6 student telling the rest of the group their name and an interesting fact about themselves (the group had a cheese fanatic and someone who was 'plain weird'); an activity involving making paper chains of reasons why they believed something was true, with the best group totalling at 22 links; a picture which the pupils had to infer from and many suggestions were made about who the people on the picture were and what they were doing. 


It was a fun morning for the year 6 students and all of the students enjoyed taking part in the activities. 

Alex P-S, Ciarán Carr, Elizabeth Wootton, Owen Hargrave, Georgia Eaton and Marty Gionis 


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