Year 5 Gifted and Talented Charity Challenge Event

Year 5 Gifted and Talented Charity Challenge


On the 16th of July, 15 year 5’s came to Stradbroke High School from our local primary schools to create a presentation about a charity.  The charities were chosen by some awesome year 9 pupils!  Each Year 9 student gave a brief presentation on a charity of their choice.  The Year 5 pupils then ‘bid’ for the charity they were interested in and the highest bid won the charity and the Year 9 student. 


Our Year 9 volunteers were Laura Pearce, James Cleverley, Ruby-Mae Elsden, Jamie Hurren, Sam Hurren, Connor Borrett and Amelia Chilvers.


The year 5’s worked in groups with one pupil from each school, to create a presentation on their chosen charity. They had over two hours to complete the task which was to create an event to raise money for the charity.  Each group had a budget to buy all the resources they needed for the presentation such as paper, pens, glue etc. 


The groups were awarded points for teamwork, creativity and the quality of their presentation.  They also had points added on for the money they had not spent. They had to create an advertising campaign and a card to send to the charity.  The winning team would be given £25 by Stradbroke High School for their charity.


The winning team was the British Heart Foundation who earned the most points overall.  The pupils in this team were Poric Niekirk from Laxfield, Harvey Wilkinson from Wilby, Annalise Rolfe from Worlingworth and they were helped by Laura Pearce in Year 9.


This was a really fun morning where Year 5 children had the opportunity of thinking about various charities, using their creativity, presentation skills and using their budget wisely.  Well done to all of them!


Mrs Hurren

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