On Monday 15th June 2015, 6 Year 9 students (Ciarán Carr, Polly Cook, Courtney Debenham, Skye Lintott, William Lynch and Alex P-S) helped take part in a Year 5 Challenge Event. Each Year 9 had to present a chosen charity to the group which were auctioned off to the winning bidder.

Schools included: Stradbroke Primary, Wilby Primary and Fressingfield Primary. However, they were all mixed up into four competitive teams. They were allocated points for teamwork, creative ideas and their presentation skills.

Each group was given £100 (fake money!) which was needed to purchase helpers and equipment to make the best presentation. Each group had to budget their money for extra points at the end.

The chosen charities were Guide Dogs, RSPCA, WWF, Cancer Research and the Scouting Association. The winning charity was Alex's, the RSPCA, which has now been donated £25 by Stradbroke High School.

It was a very enjoyable day, the Year 5s all learnt something new and the Year 9s challenged themselves by researching and presenting their charities.

Thank you to Mrs Hurren for organising the event, Mrs Philips for organising the donation and the children for making it a fantastic morning.

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