On the 23rd November, we invited some Year 4 and 5 pupils from various local schools to take part in a Philosophy morning where we enjoyed refreshments, biscuits and discussing different ideas and opinions.

We asked some big questions such as 'do animals feel guilty?' 'does God exist?', 'Is there life after death?', 'Is there a planet we haven't explored yet?'.  We debated some right and wrong questions using the 'naughtyometer' and there were some strong opinions about what is right and wrong.

We also worked in groups to design our own religion.  We had some very inventive ideas such as the 'Krysyntos' religion and 'Chickenopolis'!

We were helped out by some enthusiastic volunteers from Year 8 including: Will Game, Alex Stephenson, Annalise Rolfe, Rosa Maguire, Seth Kingdom, Lily Hunter, Brandon Studd, Yannick Pickess and Amy Keeble.

Some quotes from our Year 8's:

"They had some great ideas and used them very well".  

Brandon Studd

"It was very inventive and they had some great answers".

Rosa Maguire

"They were very creative and enthusiastic".

Alex Stephenson

"The morning was very successful and the children had some strong opinions which made it interesting".

Annalise Rolfe.

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