Year 10 Create Tailor Made Business Start-Ups

Entrepreneurs in GCSE Business Studies have shown true ingenuity by devising business start-up ideas for each other.

Not only have they generated business ideas; they have devised the market research required, the SWOT analysis, drawn up the market maps and prescribed the USP, as well as covering every other aspect of spotting a business opportunity learned in the first unit of the course.


As a result, Mark Goddard is set to run a business buying and restoring classic cars; Brett Cotton is aiming to be a Talent Scout for American Football; Rupert Taylor is going into Eco-Car design and manufacture based in California;  


Joe Kerrison has the outline business plan to become a Sports Coach and Jenna Howsen is destined to start a business making cakes for special occasions and possibly diversifying into planning weddings.  

Meanwhile, Harvey Robson has the perfect pitch to set up a Rugby School; Hayden Kent looks likely to found a company based on agricultural clothing for livestock farmers and Elliott Hopkinson now has the foundation of a business designing, manufacturing and distributing sportswear.

Justifications for the choice of business start-ups were seriously considered and in summarising the challenge, pupils found it easier to devise business plans for people who had a keen interest in something or who were already an expert in their field.

It wasn't so easy to generate suitable business plans for fellow pupils with few outside interests or those simply motivated by making lots of money. (A microcosm of the world of commerce represented here in the classroom).

For a look at all the plans drawn up by pupils, watch the space set aside for exemplary work in the school's foyer.

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