Year 10 Careers trip to Essex University

On Thursday 5th May twenty two Year 10 students travelled to Essex University Colchester campus.  We had a tour of the campus, looked at some lecture halls and accommodation and talked to some students. 

It was good to compare universities as some of the students had been to Cambridge University and so could compare a campus university with a college university.

The talk was informative and the student leading the day told us how he decided on going to Essex university and the grades and exams he had taken to get here.  All the students were very positive about their experiences and talked about the social clubs, sports facilities and the types of tuition they are given; for example lectures, seminars and lab work.  They also talked about funding and how to look for bursaries and scholarships.

What was interesting was that some of the students were the first people in their families to go to university.

The main message that came through was to study something you love and to study it as far as you can.

They also put us in groups and each group had to research a university prospectus and then give a brief presentation about the university.   Well done to Joe, Kerry and Jasmine for being brave!

The campus was very green and attractive with ponds and many new buildings.  There were also many food outlets during lunch that smelt very appetizing!

This was a really well organised and interesting trip and a great experience for our pupils to see what university life might be like.

Well done in particular to Harry for taking part and winning a Lego man!

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