Whole school PSHE session on Diversity and British Values

On Thursday 3rd November we held an extended tutor time and the whole school was involved in a discussion game on diversity, equality and British values. This game involved moving around a board and answering questions that ranged from factual questions to opinion questions.  All students took part and this was a very positive experience for all.  One Head of House made the comment: 

"As I was walking round the forms in my house i was amazed at the interaction and involvement of ALL pupils. The concept of the game led to pupils leading and encouraging each other to give mature and detailed answers and opinions".

Older students were discussing the issues with younger ones and there was a variety of interesting and sometimes difficult questions to consider such as whether it would be a good thing for our country to only have one religion and other more factual questions about British law such as the penalty for smoking in a public place.


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