On the 20th of February 2018, we invited around 20 Year 5 pupils from our feeder primary schools to a Philosophy morning at Stradbroke High School. We did a variety of activities and games to get everyone thinking deeply about the big questions of life.

We played some get to know you games and Pictionary and a discussion activity called ‘would you rather’ which had the children discussing questions such as ‘would you rather live in a virtual reality and have all your wishes come true or live in the real world?’ We also did a silent debate where everyone took part in writing their thoughts on some big philosophical questions such as ‘are miracles real?’ and ‘does God exist?’

We were helped by five enthusiastic Year 8 students who joined in on the activities and helped to guide the discussions.

It was a fun morning with everyone participating and working together.

Thank you to Jess, Lucy, Amber, Emily and Lauren for their help.

We hope to see all you Year 5s in Year 7!

Mrs Hurren.

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