Weekend GCSE maths revision is a piece of cake! .

Thank you to Miss Ball, Mrs Witmore,  Mrs Clarke and all the pupils who came along to our three Saturday revision sessions. 9 hours extra maths revision in total!

We looked at reverse percentages; estimating the mean from grouped frequency; Circle theorem, Pythagoras' theorem; long, multi-stage answers, simultaneous equations and how to avoid daft mistakes.

The last session on May 21st also focused on this type of question plus some past papers and common misconceptions, just to build confidence with examination technique...especially showing all workings and double checking what has been written down.

Thanks to Mrs Abbott for providing some of the key resources which of course became useful for a demonstration on fractions...

Fractions were never

so tasty... now we're all set for the first, non-calculator exam on May 26th.

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