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VOSH discussed introducing shorts to the school uniform, these would be a set length, 129 year 7s, 8s, 9s and 10s thought it would be a good idea. We also said that we should ask the future year 7s what they thought as this would affect them too. The next stage is for Mrs Hurren to take the idea to Senior Management for consultation by the Governors.


For the dove charity week VOSH suggested another cake sale as they always make a lot of money for the chosen charity-the British heart foundation.

Also VOSH want to help of the Grenfell fire appeal but we want to give things (clothes and useful everyday items that got destroyed) rather than money. If we do give money then to raise money for this we want to do lunchtime activates like sponsored laps round the running track and dodgeball. The fundraising days would be separate in order to raise more money or collect more items for these worthy charities. 


Thomas had the idea to put pictures of the VOSH members on the screens in social areas in order to show the school who is representing them.



Remember VOSH Starts at 08:55 Every Friday Morning.   Everyone is very welcome 

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