Rachel is going to ask students who would want to be able to wear shorts and then we can give this information to Mr Axtell and ask whether it might be possible. If there is a majority this might then go to Governors.

Distributing VOSH minutes

We discussed how important it is to let the school know what we are talking about. It was agreed that Emily would take the minutes (and possibly also Zak), and then Megan would type them up and save on the shared area. These would then be printed out and on a Friday, representatives from each form would read them out on Friday afternoon registration and put them up in tutor rooms and ask for any ideas from tutees for the next meeting.
Thomas would also update the screens with the minutes and we will try to update our VOSH board with names and maybe photos of VOSH members.


Thomas had the idea of producing a questionnaire that could be distributed regularly to forms for ideas. He will design this.

Raising money for the Fire appeal
It was suggested we raise money for the Fire in London appeal. We will discuss this next week. Some suggested a cake sale.

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