VOSH Minutes
Monday 13 November 2017

Topics Discussed:

Verdict On The Clocks


Updating Photos of VOSH members

Cleaning Certain Areas OF The School


Photos- Lee Chilvers will NOT be taking photos instead Mr Hopkins will be taking photos of members to update the VOSH wall down the English corridor.


Improvements- Last week we discussed clocks and Mr Kosla is happy to install them in areas of the school. However, there is no budget for clocks so therefore we shall ask Mrs Clarke in Finance about this.


Livvy has asked if it would be possible to upgrade computers in the library from Windows 7 to Windows 10 to improve the overall speed of the computers.  Livvy will talk to Mr Coleman about this.


Sophie suggested activities in form such as quizzes. In the past we have done this so it may be possible.  Mrs Hurren will show tutors the shared folder that contains form activities.


Jess mentioned that the school provide air fresheners in places such as the social areas and MFL rooms. Yet, the issues of allergic reactions and asthma have been raised against this idea.


As the pizza price has gone up in 20p recently, VOSH will be investigating why this has happened. However, we may not be able to change this as the prices are designated by the County Council.


Toby suggested installing vending machines which provide HEALTHY products.


Alex stated that the ‘bells are just creating longer queues’ and making some people wait up to fifteen minutes for some food. VOSH members will ask their forms to vote on what they think is best.

    By Brandon Studd

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