This week we held a charity fundraising week in aid of Children in Need and the Syrian Refugee Crisis. 

The events were organised by our 24 VOSH Ambassadors.  We held a daily Musicathon where anyone could come and take part and perform at lunch time, organised by Marty Gionis and Courtney Debenham.  

There was also a cake sale, organised by Skye Lintott Ms Parman and a number of helpers, a non-uniform day where everyone contributed £1 and a dance-off with the help of Miss Moss. It was definitely worth paying 50p to see Miss Moss and Mr Axtell dancing in the hall accompanied by a large majority of pupils!  

In addition Joshua Watson created a powerpoint presentation to raise awareness about the Syrian Refugee crisis to be shown each morning in Tutor Time.  There is a link to the presentation at the end of this blog.  

We raised:

£252.83 from non-uniform

£76.64 from the dance-off

£99.14 from the cake sale

£33.41 from the music event.

We had a great week with a great deal of support from teachers, support staff and of course our pupils.  Thank you to everyone who made our first fundraising event so successful.

Syria Refugees.pptx

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