On Wednesday 6th January we had a visit from Jane Hutt, from the non-profit organisation, Parting Seas who is based in Kenya.


Jane talked briefly in assembly about the work of their home, The Beehive which houses young pregnant girls and their babies.  The home has been open since October 2014 and they take in some of the most vulnerable young girls who have been abused and provide a home for them and their babies.  The girls have to be under 18 and some come to the home pregnant, others come with their young babies.  Some are as young as 13 and most are orphaned with no family to care for them.


The Beehive provides a home and teaches the girls basic skills such as cooking, cleaning and caring for their babies and also helps some of them go back to school and receive an education so that they will have a job in the future.


Jane also talked to a Year 9 Geography group about life in Kenya, and then came to a Year 10 RE group where she spoke more about how her motivation to help in Africa came from her Christian faith.  Their mission statement is ‘Transformation through Compassion, Love and Hope’.


Jane then talked to some members of VOSH, our School Council about ways that we could support their organisation. What is good is that all money we raise will go directly to the girls in Kenya.  One idea she had was that we could help support them recruit a tutor to teach the girls who can’t go to school, either because they are waiting to go to court about their abuse, or because they are pregnant.   The tutor might work for three hours each day from Monday to Friday.  An estimate is that this would cost around £50 per month.


This was an excellent visit that opened our eyes to a very different world to one that we live in and we look forward to establishing a link with Parting Seas and offer some support through fundraising to help these girls receive an education and make a better future for themselves.



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