This term we have given our Key Stage 3 students the opportunity of taking part in an extra curricular project based on RE/Art.  We have had 34 sign up to do this and some are doing Projects on photography, some art, some religious art and others are doing some ethical or religious projects.  

As a reward for their hard work we took them to Norwich Cathedral where we could see some religious art, meet a Priest and learn more about the building.

In the morning we had a guided tour of the Cathedral, a talk on Icons and a question/answer session with the priest.  After lunch in the cloisters, our students had the choice of an art workshop or going back to the Cathedral to take more photographs.

All the pupils had a good time and enjoyed their experience. They came up with some excellent questions to ask the priest, from why he wanted to be a priest, to what he thought about animal testing, to what his opinion on the referendum was.

Creating art work in the education room.

We were complimented by two members of the public, who had been teachers, on how well behaved the students were.  Our guide was also impressed by the standard of the questions that our students asked.

Looking at the ceiling through the mirror.

The modern stained glass windows were incredibly bright and lit up the surrounding walls.

Staring up at the stained glass windows.

Taking a break.

Having lunch in the cloisters.

Taking pictures of the religious art.

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