On Friday, 26th February VOSH met up and further discussed how to spend VOSH’s £300 budget. New ideas included a meditation club for GCSE students in order to relieve stress, private facilities for Year 11s such as a kettle and money toward air conditioning improvements in certain areas. Another idea was to fund replacement resources in English due to a large amount of missing pencils and other equipment.


New signs will be placed above recycling bins and light switches soon which will inform pupils about automatic lighting and what effects recycling has on the environment.


A meeting will soon take place with the caretaker concerning our part in recycling at Stradbroke High School.


Courtney Debenham recently had a meeting with Mr Axtell which dealt with many previous matters in VOSH meetings. A copy of her report will be sent out soon.


Please find attached the full minutes taken by Skye Lintott.
VOSH Minutes 26.02.16.docx

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