VOSH’s suggestion of the GCSE Pods was hugely popular from both pupils and staff and as a result, it has now been given the “Go-Ahead”. This will allow pupils to revise at home and teachers to set specific revision topics with greater ease due its portability. It is available as an app on Android, Blackberry and iOS platforms.
For more information on GCSEPods, visit https://www.gcsepod.com/


The Eco-Group has also completed their posters for the recycle bins. These are expected to be put up soon. A rota has also been set up for all VOSH members to take it in turn to empty the recycle bins.


A new idea that was brought up was the potential of house fundraising for certain charities. This will mean each house will organise a charitable event (which lasts one week) in turn which the whole school will participate in to raise funds. The charity in question has not yet been decided and is currently under discussion.


Finally, the librarians have asked if anyone has any suggestions for magazine subscriptions for the school. If you have, please write on the feedback sheet and hand them to your VOSH representative in your form.


Please find attached the full minutes taken by Joseph Most.
VOSH Minutes 15.01.16

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