In the first meeting of 2016, VOSH discussed the recent visit from Parting Seas (a charity from Kenya). One idea brought up was to help raise money for a home tutor for the girls at the home. Whether or not this will take place will be further discussed.


Another topic raised was GCSE Pods. The results were hugely in favour of the mobile application. Over 85% voted in favour. If agreed by staff, it will be investigated further.


The Eco-Group has also formed and they regularly meet up to discuss the schools eco status. Posters are currently in production and will soon be displayed around the school. A list of damages such as the door handles has also been noted and given to Mr. Lockwood, the school's caretaker.


VOSH has currently £300 to spend and that will be discussed in weeks to come. If you have any ideas, either come along on Friday mornings or speak to your forms representative.

Please find attached the full minutes taken by Skye Lintott.

VOSH Minutes 08.01.16

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