Stradbroke harnesses the power of 'Yet' to achieve top 3 status in Suffolk

John Axtell our Head of School, told a packed assembly hall at our recent annual awards evening, that the school had deservedly won its place among the top two schools in Suffolk for achievement – with 59% of students achieving level 5 or higher in their GCSEs in 2017. He continued to wow the audience with the news that in total, 79% of students achieved a level 4 or more which puts the school among the top three schools in Suffolk in that respect. 

Mr Axtell said “I am truly proud of the attainment of our students. Success like this comes from hard work and the right attitude, where you do not let the fear of falling stop you from aiming high”.

Guest Speaker, Jonathan Taylor, Executive Head Teacher of Wymondham College and Stradbroke High School, told families that the school provides “a World Class education allowing students to compete with the very best students around the world”.  

In front of an audience including staff, governors and students, Mr Taylor presented all the evening’s awards and commented that when UNESCO estimates that around the world there are 263 million school aged children who are not provided with any formal education, students at Stradbroke are supported by an environment which: “…believes in you and does the very best it can to lay the foundations for you to go on to achieve your dreams and aspirations “.

After describing how Andre Agassi, Christiano Rinaldo and other world class sporting figures made huge sacrifices and devoted endless hours of practice to achieve their success, Mr Taylor said “My essential message tonight is that perseverance and practice, hard work and resilience are the keys to success”. He went on to explain his belief in the power of ‘yet’: “What is the better approach when faced with a challenge?” he asked, “I can’t do that…or I can’t do that yet? The power of adding the word yet makes all the difference to a positive attitude and without a good attitude, so often, talent is wasted.”

In impressing upon the students in the packed sports hall how Stradbroke High school’s Staff rely on the same drive and motivation as the students in order to achieve success, Mr Taylor reiterated that students should continue to; “Be grateful for what you have and strive to use this to be the best you can be.” 

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