Read for My School 2016.

Our current year 7’s and 8’s have taken part in a National Reading Competition.  Many schools have been involved right across the country and many, many children just like ours have had the opportunity to read.

At Stradbroke High School we have been reading a lot, from the 18th January to the 15th April.  We enrolled 107 members in our reading group, who have read 748 books in total, that’s an average of 7 books per child,

This means overall we have won a Silver award.

Unfortunately we haven’t won a prize, but we have had fun, read more books and next year… We will reach that Gold Award and Win the top prize.

To celebrate the success of our ‘Read For My School’ competition we had a presentation event.  Many of our pupils achieved certificates for Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

We have additional gifts for students who have been nominated as national reading legends and for students who have been nominated as our own school reading Legends.

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