On the 18th of March Naomi Lewis, Shannon Smith, Atlanta Wilkinson and Amelia Catling went to Worlingworth Primary school to give them a taste of our RE lessons. We have been chosen to be RE ambassadors because we're enthusiastic about the subject.

Part of being an ambassador is preparing a lesson to teach the primary school children, so we decided to do ours on forgiveness. We spent a lunchtime each week preparing for it and planning ways to make it fun. What we did in the lesson was first tell the children what we were there for and try to get across that it is something to look forward to when coming to High school. After that we got each child to think of something they had ever done wrong, and to either write or draw it on a stone. We later came back to these and washed them to show that forgiveness is like washing these stones because if you are truly sorry for what you have done then you can be forgiven. We then told the story of the parable of the lost son, trying to get them involved by asking them questions to keep their attention. We finished with getting them to think of a symbol that represented forgiveness and then draw this out, for example one child drew a football and wrote "Kick away your sins" and another drew a flower because it made him think of giving a flower to his Mum when saying sorry.

We really enjoyed visiting the school because they were so clever and extremely cute! It really surprised us with how much they knew about the topic, and how lots of them were willing to contribute to discussions.

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