On 8th March we took 19 Year 10's and 16 Year 9's to London to visit the London Central Mosque at Regent's Park.  Fortunately the weather had improved and there were no delays although we were freezing eating our lunch in the park along with some rather unwelcome feathered friends.

We were made very welcome at the Mosque.  We watched the lunchtime prayers taking place in the prayer hall where the girls had to cover their heads with a scarf.  We also witnessed the Imam saying prayers to remember someone who had died and whose coffin was also in the prayer hall.  We then had a wide variety of questions that our guide was happy to answer.  We also had the opportunity of visiting their education centre which had some interesting displays that reinforced our learning of the key Muslim beliefs and practices.  

Here are some comments from Year 10:

“The man was very helpful and answered our questions with a lot of detail” (Henry).


“The place was well kept; the main prayer hall was pristine” (Callum).


“I liked the education centre downstairs because it had lots of facts on the walls and the guy answered all of our questions” (Abbie).


“It was useful to see the prayer in person” (Molly).


“I found the information about the Hajj to Mecca very interesting and I liked knowing that it was an international centre for worship” (Dylan).


“The design of the prayer hall was very beautiful” (Ben).


“It was interesting to see the different positions of prayer” (Lily).


“It was nice to see a variety of people who worship in the Mosque”



“I liked learning about a new religion and visiting the place of worship” (Becky).


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