On the last week of the Spring Term we held an international week where we focused on life beyond Suffolk.  We undertook a wide range of activities as a whole school including each tutor group learning how to say simple greetings and numbers in different languages.

We had an international theme to the school menus each day and we had a competition to guess where various different teachers had lived and worked abroad.  We also held a whole school assembly where students interviewed teachers who had lived in other countries.  Thank you to Anna Newby, Calvin and Talitha Lintott for being our interviewers and thank you to Brandon Studd for leading the assembly so confidently.  We also had some excellent musical contributions from Joe Most and Marty Gionis.

Thank you to Miss Moss, Ms Vermorel, Mrs Spears, Mr Taylor, Mr Thomas, Mr Axtell and Mrs Rowe for agreeing to be interviewed and for providing such a fascinating insight into their experiences abroad.  Countries we heard about included New Zealand, America, Germany, Peru, France, The Bahamas and Zimbabwe.

Students in Year all also arranged for some face painting so that students could have a flag painted of the country they had been learning about or had a connection with.

Following the assembly we are creating a display with our links to the outside world with both student and teacher connections to other countries.

Here are some quotes recorded by our 'reporters' Evie Kingdom and Alex Stephenson:

‘We went to New Zealand when Noah was young and Joe was four.  I worked in a museum that told the story of the place we lived in … The time with my two young children was amazing and if you have the chance you should go.’ – Mrs Moss

‘My parents were French and I was born in London … as soon as I was eighteen I went around the world with my friends … I met some wonderful people and it was an amazing adventure’  – Ms Vermorel

‘I did my A levels on a Thursday, was in Switzerland by Sunday … I volunteered on a Kibbutz in Israel.  I then travelled to Greece and in Athens I met my American husband … We spent two years in the USA’ – Mrs Spears

‘When I was younger than I am today I lived in a small island called Bimini in the Bahamas.  I taught in a school and I was there for 6 years.  My children are in touch with our friends there’ – Mr Axtell

‘My wife and I worked and lived in Peru.  I worked in an orphanage for boys and lived in a mud hut, not knowing much Spanish’ – Mr Taylor

‘I was brought up in Australia, and I had the travelling bug.  I worked in Zimbabwe … the language was very hard to learn as it had ‘clicks’ in it’. – Mrs Rowe

‘It started with my Gold Duke of Edinburgh.  I started working in Germany doing simple jobs and then I worked for a German television company.’ – Mr Thomas

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