KS3 New 8 Projects!

Our challenging KS3 projects continue this year to accompany the other much loved projects in Graphics. 'Designing your own mobile phone casing' using 3D computer modelling and advanced drawing skills and 'Pop-up Cards' with electronics will be added to the list of projects that all pupils will work through.

As KS3 pupils progress through the projects we will strive to find time to introduce pupils to the CNC Plotter cutter, a machine largely set aside for KS4 students at present. The CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) plotter cutter is a machine capable of accurately cutting intricate shapes from card, where the cutter is guided by the design work produced by pupils in 2D Designer.

 An overview of KS4  GCSE Graphics...



KS4 Controlled Assignment

Students have made a fantastic start to their second controlled assignment: 'Making a Quality Product'. This project involves students analysing existing pop-up card books of varying complexity and theme before moving on to design and make their own. Theory lessons will run alongside our controlled project work in the week II Friday lesson, to prepare students for the final exam: 'Sustainable and Technical Aspects of Designing & Making'.

A mock exam will be set during the week beginning 1st December to allow students to check their understanding and application of subject knowledge.

Don't forget the Graphics room is open every TUESDAY& WEDNESDAY LUNCHTIME & WEDNESDAY AFTER SCHOOL  UNTIL 5.15 

Mrs Crawley

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