In the Summer Term around twenty students took part in an extra-curricular project.  The only brief was to produce a project on something they were interested in.

We met four times over the term to discuss progress (and eat biscuits!).  The students could choose to undertake any topic and present their information in any way.  The results were fantastic.  We had a photography project from Ciaran Carr, Joseph Most, Will Lynch and Ellie Ryan.  They enjoyed "Sharing our knowledge on a topic we all enjoy and working together to produce a joint piece".  We also had Calivin Lintott in Year 8 creating a model of his favourite island, Molly Wright in Year 7 painting a beautiful picture of an elephant.

  Talitha Lintott and Anna Newby created a scrap book of recipes that they first tested out on their families.  Leah Chapman in Year 7 created a project on endangered animals and Lily Cossey in Year 7 wrote a project about the Chocolate Box Girls series.

Skye Lintott in Year 9 created a stunning scrapbook of the life and history of storytelling that was beautifully presented.  She said "Finding out so much that I didn't know about storytelling is fascinating!  I also loved the freedom - I could be as creative as I liked". We also had an excellent display about Welsh Corgi dogs which included the history, differences and characteristics.

In addition, some of our Year 9 girls, Polly Cook and Alex Pierce Saunderson produced a creative and informative history of the Feminism movement.  

Katie Childs in Year 7 created a replica of a garden with an art theme and Lee Chilvers in Year 8 also created some beautiful photographs with information about how he had taken them.  James Robinson in Year 7 created an amazing model of a mouse which he presented together with a book where he had illustrated and described a number of different types of mice using watercolour.

Sophie Oliver in Year 7 created a beautifully presented and informative scrapbook on horses and Susie Murray in Year 8 created a large display on Hawaii.  Simon Capp in Year 8 filmed and created what seemed like a complicated (and possibly dangerous!) experiment where he experimented with chemicals and electricity to produce reusable fuel.

This is just a brief description of some amazing work that was produced and all students appreciated being able to stretch and challenge themselves in a new or different way.  For our final meeting all students presented their projects to the group with the usual refreshments.  Most of the excellent work is now on display in the library and so please feel free to go and have a look.

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