Code Clubbers add sound effects to Minecraft using Sonic Pi

Brandon Studd and Noah Most have moved on from controlling Minecraft game content alone to combining it with their own sound and music.

Noah explains:  " Using code instructions and numbers, we can tell the computer what musical instrument to use at a particular point in the game; what tone and pitch and how loud to play it. By adding in a loop, we can build longer pieces of 'music' to add our own sound effects to the game." Brandon is particularly interested in the unique quality of what he is achieving; " I can change the games I play to use the sounds I want to hear using Sonic Pi. The ability to finely tune the game for myself is really good as there are endless possibilities and combinations to be incorporated - as long as you get the code right."

Sonic Pi code looks like this...

See what combining Minecraft with Sonic Pi looks like as it is being developed below...

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