Year 9 were invited to take part in an extra-curricular challenge project. They chose a subject to research and we met every week to check on their progress. We then had a 'party' this term where everyone brought in their projects and explained what they had created.

The projects were excellent and very varied. Morgan Roper produced a scrapbook about the creation of a train set-up in his garage. The effort he has put in to the scenery has been amazing.

Callum Cowham produced an incredibly detailed book on his pet Bearded Dragon.  This included photos, information about the dragons, how to look after them, what to feed them and much more.

Lily Cossey, Arwen Maguire, Sophie Oliver and Leah Chapman produced a film about costumes, hair styles and baking through the ages. They had spent many hours putting this together and it was both funny and informative.

Spencer Kent took on the challenge of learning some Chinese. He was able to say some sentences to us in Mandarin and produced a scrapbook with additional information on the language.

Eddie Shearman made a model of a car engine and produced a fact card all about various different cars.

Bradley Wringe and Aiden Perkins produced detailed powerpoints, Bradley on Manchester United and Aiden on his dance activities.

Rosie Robson Brown did some research into beliefs about Jesus' death in the New Testament and Katie Childs produced a scrapbook of her own art work.

All of the projects were excellent and were all completed over the last term in addition to their school work.  A massive well done to all who took part!

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