Businesses praise Year 10 pupils on Careers Day

It was a day of learning life skills such as hand shakes, eye to eye contact, confident body language and first impressions, and it culminated in a mock interview with a business person; this in a nutshell sums up Year 10 Careers Day, our annual event to help prepare pupils to present themselves effectively when they leave school whether it is for a college or university application or later when applying for employment.

Thirteen different business people, all part of the Business Association with Stradbroke High School (BASH),  interviewed pupils based on covering letters they had written for mock job advertisements. During the morning pupils had specially developed lessons on finding suitable career paths, communicating effectively by email and in written form,  and the importance of preparation, punctuality, first impressions and body language. All the pupils received a feedback form from their interviewer outlining areas of strength and areas for development and pupils themselves discussed their experiences and how they would do it differently next time.

Most agreed they felt a huge sense of achievement having had the opportunity to speak to an interviewer for the first time and had plenty of advice for next year's pupils including; research the company you have applied to work with, make sure you have some questions to ask the interviewer, give evidence in your covering letter and C.V. to back up your suitability and skills and make sure you sit up straight and look the interviewer in the eye when speaking to them.

The volunteers from local businesses were impressed with the effort pupils had made to gain the most from the opportunity. Businesses taking part included St. Peters' Brewery and Castle Clothing in Bungay, Lane Farm in Brundish, the NHS, Skinners in Stradbroke, Grasshopper Lawncare and BQP based in Cambridge and all the interviewers brought valuable experience of selection and recruitment in today's competitive environment. 

Other mock job applications included an Infantry Soldier, Digital Design Apprentice, Airline Cabin Crew, Trainee Accountant and Health and Social Care Apprenticeships.

Our thanks go to all the businesses that volunteered their time and expertise in order to provide an enriching experience for our pupils.

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